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Syracuse Game Recap

There isn't that much to say about the game, except that this was WVU's best overall performance of the season. However, I'm going to make you all suffer through a game recap (editor's note: fuck!).

The defense stepped up and played a great game after initially looking pretty shaky. I think a girl would compare this defense to me after a night of heavy whiskey drinking. Initially, things are looking pretty sketchy but in the end I turn out to be a very solid performer.

Pat White went down with another injury but he has the heart of champion and should be ready to go against Mississippi State. As I noted during my halftime post, I was keeping track of CRR's play-calling and I was extremely pleased. We had a balanced attack with the run and pass. CRR even took some shots down the field (9 to be exact).

I still think CRR plays it conservative because he doesn't totally trust White's arm, DUMB. Hopefully, in the coming weeks CRR will continue to open up the game plan and take shots down the field. To me, if you really believe in the spread offense you need to do it both horizontally and vertically.

Finally, his name is Reynaud, NOT ReynaRd, you damn idiot announcers.