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Great Scott! Something Is Wrong With The Space-TimeContinuum

The early lines for next week's college football games are out. Take a look through that list of games. Any game/line jump out at you say, "what the fuck?"

If you're like me, you immediately noticed 123/124, which is Louisville at Cincinnati. Before the season started, I would estimate that going into this game, Louisville would have been a comfortable 10 point favorite. Now? Cincinnati is favored by 10.5. If you're a Louisville, just reading that has to be enough to just end it, right? Just jump off that bridge/swallow those pills/run the hose from your exhaust to your sealed car, right?

Even if you think that line is too high, how can you bet on Louisville? They just got the train run on them at home by a mediocre Utah squad. Not good. Now they have to face Cincinnati, who I think is averaging about 47 takeaways a game. Not good.

The moral of the story: Louisville is fucked.