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My Top 25 and Future Predicitions!

Another great weekend of college football and a WVU victory are behind us. With USC going down to 40 point dog Stanford and three other top 10 teams losing, there will be another huge shake-up at the top of the polls. What I think does not matter but here is my top 25:

  1. LSU -- Will go undefeated and win the BCS National Championship.
  2. Ohio State -- They will get beat by Michigan.
  3. California -- USC will DESTROY them.
  4. SOUTH FLORIDA -- They will lose to Cincinnati.
  5. Boston College --I hope they lose the rest of their games, damn traitors.
  6. Oklahoma -- The Big 12 Championship is their toughest remaining game.
  7. South Carolina -- Will lose at lest two more games.
  8. West Virginia -- No more screwing up.
  9. USC -- Will they go down again this year to UCLA?
  10. Oregon -- Could beat USC but will lose at Washington.
  11. Virginia Tech -- Everyone on this team will be arrested by the end of the season.
  12. Hawaii -- They are the Rainbows (insert joke here).
  13. Missouri -- Are they for real? We will see next week when they travel to Norman.
  14. Arizona State -- Will fall apart in the second half as they always do and finish 8 - 4.
  15. Kentucky -- They suck
  16. Wisconsin -- Will suffer crushing defeats at Ohio State and against Michigan.
  17. Cincinnati -- WVU will dominate these phonies.
  18. Kansas -- Who cares?
  19. Illinois -- No chance
  20. Texas -- Overrated
  21. Florida -- Frauds
  22. Georgia -- A really good team that had a really bad day.
  23. UConn -- Can they beat the Wahoos in Charlottesville?
  24. Virginia -- UConn will beat them at home.
  25. State Penn -- What's a Nittany?

There you have it, my Top 25. It took a lot longer than I thought and if you don't agree, shut your damn mouth!