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CRR Statewide Softball-Line

If anyone listened to the Statewide Softball-Line this evening I hope you are as pissed as I am. I always thought CRR was a man but it appears as if he is just a little girl who can't handle a tough question. I learned two things listening to the show this evening.

First, we now know that CRR is the king of the blame game. He again threw all his guys, especially Jarrett Brown, under the bus saying that they just could not execute any plays. Not only did he throw Jarret Brown under the bus he backed up the damn bus over him again and found a Syracuse sorority girl to give him herpes.

If you did not catch the comment CRR said, the clock was not an issue at the end of the game (WHAT) because they were getting the plays in faster than any coaching staff in the nation. He said Jarrett Brown just could not call the plays fast enough once they were signaled to him. CRR I say BULLSHIT ASSHOLE, you screwed up and you screwed up big time with your play calling by failing to get the ball in the hands of your play-makers. (4 touches by Slaton and Devine in the second half)

Adjusting the game plan does not make you shitty a coach it helps you to win a national title. We will continue to come up just short year in and year out unless you learn to adjust the game plan and take some blame. MAN UP

The second thing we learned is that Tony Caridi is CRR's bitch. While Tony is no Jack Fleming I still enjoy his play-by-play of the games. Tony man up and ask a tough question...PLEASE!