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Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoe!

This weekend turned out to not be as bad as I had originally thought. Don’t you worry though I still wanted to throw a lot of shoes.


CRR is one of the most arrogant and hard headed coaches in the nation. Have you noticed that he never takes any blame after a loss? It is always the players fault because they could not "execute" the heavenly play calls from the sidelines.

You know what CRR it is your damn job to call plays that give your boys a chance to "execute". Throwing around 15 bubble screens (8 against press coverage) and not getting the ball to your playmakers does not give the players a chance to execute. It is time to get over yourself, start throwing the ball down the field against the Cover 0, and take some of the blame.

I could go on about how mad the "execution" comment by CRR made me but I need to move on (if only my high school girlfriend could do the same).


How the hell do Florida and Oklahoma stay above us in the polls after losing to unranked teams? Both were more than two touchdown favorites, Florida was playing in the "The Wetlands," and we lost to a ranked team at their place. Oh yeah I forgot that they are "traditionally" better programs so they deserve more respect and higher poll rankings.

Perception of tradition in college football is the biggest load of crap but I’m going to stop because that discussion is for another day and another bottle of whiskey.


People already giving up on this team after one loss makes me want to throw both my shoes and one of Charley West’s. Does everyone forget CRR’s first season and the 19 multiple loss seasons under "The Don" Nehlen. As a fan base we all need to take a shot of moonshine, and get over it.

This Saturday I hope you all will sit down in front of your TV and cheer on the Mountaineers when they battle Syracuse Orange for the Schwartzwalder Trophy.

I’m old and my arm is starting to get tired so I’m going back to bed.