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Somtimes You Just Gotta Say What The Fuck!!

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I am still drunk from last night so this may not be the most coherent post ever but here are some thoughts from last nights embarrassing loss.

Steve Slaton touched the ball TWICE in the second half. With one Heisman candidate on the sidelines CRR basically benched our other Heisman candidate and did not give him a chance to carry us to victory. Now we have NO Heisman candidates.

Devine only got FOUR touches the entire game. If we are not going to get the ball to our playmakers we might as well get ready for Canada come December.

This gets me to my main complaint from last night and it is with CRR. Every time they showed him on the sidelines he was jumping around like CoCo the Monkey. This is not the way a coach should carry himself when his team is trying to make a come back.

Go back and watch the Louisville game from two years ago CRR was calm, cool, and collected on the sidelines. This led us to the greatest comeback in school history. Friday night CRR looked like a damn scared idiot and his play calling is one of the main reasons we got beat. Throw the bubble screens when they play back not when they are using press coverage -- JACKASS.

We threw the ball 18 times in the first-half and 20 times in the second half. The difference was that we put it down the field in the second half where we were guaranteed some positive yardage. So to those of you who were yelling THROW THE BALL in the first half, SHUT UP, and realize you have no business talking football.

I’m going to be an asshole here but Mike Dent’s play at center is the main reason we lost this game. During the first half our offense had no timing. Pat White had to be ready for the snap to end up anywhere but in his chest.

This rushed the read option, the bubble screens, and just fucked the offense in the first half. He cost us a touchdown, two first downs, and caused two turnovers (one of which led to a USF touchdown).

All I can say is don’t give up on this team. I have faith in these kids and in CRR. We can turn this around, end up in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl, and drink ourselves into a stupor and just pretend we are playing for the National Championship.