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Undefeated Season: Week #4


Hoo boy. The revenge game. The big one.

On the heels of last weeks dominating performance against a decent East Carolina team, my expecatitions are sky high this week. Last year against USF, EVERYTHING went wrong for the Mountaineers. And yet, there was WVU with a chance to score at the end to win the game.

This year, I see a bloodbath. WVU is deeper, faster and more talented than last year. The defense has come alive and the offense has been tremendous. USF is a nice team who will win more games than they lose. It just so happens that this week they play a great team. One that will take care of business. In a big way.

WVU (-7) 38
USF 13

Houston -10.5 vs. East Carolina
Rutgers -16.5 vs. Maryland
Clemson -3 @ Georgia Tech
Troy -13 vs. UL Monroe
Penn State -3 @ Illinois

Season Record = 14-10-0
5th Year Senior
Alright time to get down to business and make some predictions for this Friday's game. Wait a second who are we playing on Friday? USF...Never heard of'em. They have a fast defense? Well we have Slaton, White, Reynaud, Devine, Schmitt, and Jalloh. They have a talented offense? Well we have a defense, especially Dykes, that will eat their unborn children. That being said we are going to win going away.

WVU (-7) 37
USF 17

Penn St. -3 (my dad would KILL me if I said that out loud)
Colorado + 22.5 vs. Oklahoma
UCLA +1.5 @ Oregon State
Tulane +40.5 vs. LSU
Louisville -9 @ NC State

Season Record = 0-0-0
Charley West
CRR has said that revenge is not a great motivator. Maybe not. But I can't imagine that our players aren't going to have it in the back of their minds.

This is USF's "game of the century," with over 65,000 in attendance, so you know both the players and fans are going to be geeked up for this one. That might make for a rough first quarter. But at the end of the day, WVU is the more talented team.

The game should play out very similarly to the Maryland game. We score first, but their offense responds with a ton of adrenaline and a matching touchdown. It's at that point that our defense settles down and out offense starts to methodically beat-down the Bulls.

If there's any amount of scoring in this game, it's to our advantage. USF will want to limit possessions and keep this game in the low 20s or teens, just like last year. This year, however, we have a healthy White and Slaton, making that an impossible task.

WVU (-7) 37
USF 20

Illinois +3 vs. Penn State
Oklahoma @ Colorado OVER 55.5
Virginia -7 vs. Pitt
Louisville -9 @ NC State
Clemson -3 @ Georgia Tech

Season Record = 14-10-0