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The Lou Holtz USF Pep-Talk

Is anybody else wet with anticipation? I know I am. This type of moisture can only mean one thing: the Lou Holtz pep-talk is upon us. This week, Lou turns his attention to the USF Bulls. As if USF needs any more motivation.

Anyway, the Lou Holtz pep-talk is a personal favorite of mine. Nothing combines adrenaline and saliva quite like Coach Holtz. When he speaks, I listen...and pee myself a little. Like I said, I'm excited.

The speech is coming at halftime of the Boise State-Southern Miss game on ESPN, so we'll be back afterwards to give you the complete recap.

Start holding your breath...wait for it...wait for it...NOW!


OK, I'm a little less pumped up now. I'm not saying Lou Holtz gives bad pep-talks, because he doesn't. What he does is confuse the hell out of you. One minute I'm a USF player, pumped up about playing WVU in the biggest game in my life. The next? I'm wondering why the hell he's mentioned bumble bees, sex and violence on television, and football in the same speech. Seriously, how much PCP is this guy on?

Anyways, I hope USF was listening, because if they were, we win by 50.