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File Under Amazingly Obvious

You know, some guys just can't catch a break. Today, Louisville dismissed oft-troubled linebacker Willie Williams after his arrest on marijuana possession.

Williams, who was brought in as a high-risk recruit with the personal blessing of athletic director Tom Jurich, was charged with possession of marijuana, felony tampering with physical evidence and driving without a license. The high school All-American gained infamy for his long criminal record as a teenager that included 11 arrests, which derailed his intention of playing football at Miami.

Louisville police arrested the 6-3, 230-pound Williams after he was stopped for driving a car with the music playing too loudly, said Louisville police spokesman Phil Russell.

A detective searched the car and found Williams trying to hide a small amount of marijuana, Russell said.

"He basically had the marijuana in his mouth," said Russell, who would not release the identities of the others in the car because they were not arrested. Several other schools passed on Williams, but after attending West Los Angeles Community College, the Cardinals took a chance on him. Williams was given a set of disciplinary guidelines to adhere to by Jurich. He failed to live up to them.

No shit he failed to live up to them. I guess trying to swallow your stash of construda didn't quite meet UL's code of conduct.

Props to Willie for thinking on his feet, though. Not many people would think to eat your weed. This type of ingenuity and quick-thinking should help him during his 5 years in prison.

Watch out for your corn-hole, Willie.