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Save Dave, Day #2

It was a rough night for me. Tossing and turning, knowing that when I woke up, Dave Wannstedt may no longer be the head coach of the University of Pittsburgh.

But when I did rise, I was greeted with good news. Dave lives! Yes, ladies and gentleman, Dave Wannstedt is still employed. Due solely to our efforts -- the "Save Dave" campaign -- Wannstedt remains coach at Pitt.

I was concerned since they had called a press conference yesterday, but that turned out to only be Dave's regularly scheduled gibberish dissemination. Whew, they had me scared for a second there.

But remember guys, despite the good news, the fight is not over. We must continue to fight. Please, continue to joke about sending contributions. It's the only way we can fake build our war chest for this long battle. And it will be a long battle, considering Pitt athletic brass will often feel tempted to fire Dave because of his gross incompetence.