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High School Freshmen

No, I am not trying to attract some illegally young ladies with that title. I may not have passed the bar but I know that a girl under 18 will get you locked up. You also need to watch out for college freshmen because they may have graduated early (no comment).

The more I think about this Friday’s game against USF, I can’t help but see USF as a high school freshman about ready to be put in their place by an upperclassman. The summer before my freshman year of high school, I had talked a JUNIOR (with rough hands) into giving me a hand job and got drunk with the seniors down the street.

The first few weeks of high school went by without a hitch and I actually hung out with some seniors during lunch. Then I started to get cocky and ran my mouth about the summer debauchery. This led to one of my most embarrassing moments ever.

The JUNIOR’s senior boyfriend walked right up to me at lunch threw a straight jab to my nose -- bleeding ensued -- and then he pushed me into the trophy case. It was not a pretty sight...and I see the same things in USF’s future.

In kind, USF is coming off one hell of a season where they somehow beat us and put themselves into the national spotlight. To start this season, they beat Auburn and are now highly ranked for the first time in their 11 year history. It is so cute that this school is talking trash like they are big time.

However, it is time to treat them like a freshman, punch them in the mouth, and then stick their head in the toilet for a swirly.

No game prediction yet but just know that it includes hard liquor, hot wings, and PAIN.