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I awake from a power nap around 1 to the show formerly known as Cold Pizza. I quickly scramble to look for the remote because I would rather eat ketchup than watch this monstrosity. Lucky for me they are about to talk about the WVU v. USF game so I calm down and watch the hilarity ensue.

The first thing I hear Pat Forde say is that he guarantees a USF victory. Wait did he say USF victory? My jaw drops and my hand reaches for my foot. Lucky for my HD-TV I was not wearing any shoes.

Forde, normally a WVU supporter, goes on to talk about the USF defense and how they will contain WVU’s speed, yada yada yada – my ears started bleeding at this point. Yes, Pat they do have a fast defense and beat us at home last year. However, there is no chance in hell that this team overlooks South Florida again. Not to mention the fact that Pat and Steve are actually healthy for this game.

Pat, after we beat USF by at least two touchdowns on Friday we will allow you back on the WVU bandwagon. Also get ready for a smart ass incoherent e-mail around 11:30 Friday night.