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Save Dave

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It all started in 2002 B.U. (Before Urban), when a plucky group of Florida fans had the simple dream to get a coach fired. In the years afterward, Fire Ron Zook exploded, becoming the head of an angry mob of Gator fans. While the website might not be singularly responsible, that doesn’t change the fact that Ron Zook was, indeed, fired.

Unfortunately, now, the proliferation of these websites has hit massive proportions. Lose one game and you’re on the hot seat. Lose two games and you have your very own pro-unemployment website. Alabama fans are already (tongue-in cheek?) calling for Coach Nick Saban’s dismissal. Hell, for the low-low price of $250, you can be the proud owner of your own Fire Rich Rodriguez domain.

Well, here at WBGV, we just don’t think this is right. Hell, a lot of these coaches that fans want fired have helped WVU to a ton of victories over the years. We have a vested interest in these coaches collecting a paycheck, regardless of their success or learning disabilities.

That is why we are starting our own grassroots campaign, entitled "Save Dave." Save Dave is a campaign with one mission and one mission alone: keeping Dave Wannstedt in his job as head coach of the University of Pittsburgh.

As head coach of Pitt, Wannstedt has single-handedly taken the Panthers from inherited BCS talent to top 5 recruiting classes to losing to Ohio and UConn. He has also lost to WVU every year he has been at Pitt. Because of this, Dave Wannstedt is my best friend. And everybody wants to see their best friend in a high-paying job. And there are few jobs more high-paying than head coach of a BCS football program.

You, like me, want to see Dave Wannstedt as head coach. Don’t blindly go along with the masses and accept his eventual firing. Fight the man! Keep this bumbling idiot as head coach. We at WBGV are willing to pay his salary if need be…anything to keep this mustachioed, brain-dead, shell of a man as head coach of the Pitt Panthers.

Will you join us?

Will you help "Save Dave"...?