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Pat And Erin, Sitting In A Tree...

We all know Pat White is an all-around awesome guy with a great life. My friend, at Kegler's last year, even had a picture taken of her and White, totally oblivious of the fact that the man she flippantly asked to take the picture was Steve Slaton. Slaton was pissed. White was loving it. Just another day in the life of Pat fucking White.

But that life just got a little bit better this past Saturday. As both the (Martinsburg) Journal and Deadspin have reported, Pat White and Erin Andrews totally made out on the 50 yard line of Mountaineer Field. OK, so maybe they didn't exactly make out, but she still kissed him, and if my copy of "Rules of Dating in Junior High School" is still accurate, they're now going steady. Bitchin!

If Pat White goes off for 300 passing and 200 rushing against South Florida, you'll know why. I just wonder how he's going to do it hiding that bulge in his pants.