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Oakland Is In Flames

Pitt football is in a sorry state. Sure, we make fun of them win or lose, but to up and get blown out by UConn is really doing my job for me. Like shooting fish in a barrel, if that's your thing. I'm not much of a sportsman.

This has been especially hard (or fun to watch) on Pitt fans as a group. As an example, the friendly people over at Pitt Blather are really starting to unravel emotionally. I feel that this is pretty indicative of Panthers fans as a whole. Let's consider, for a moment, the five stages of grief as they relate to Pitt football:

  1. Denial. This has been happening since day 1 of the Wannstedt-era. The highly rated recruiting classes were the #1 culprit. Every year, Pitt fans would tout their newest acquisitions as the sole reason why Pitt football would be back on the map. "Sure you beat us by 40 this year, but we just signed Joe Montana and Lawrence Taylor." Everything was in the future for Pitt fans. Nothing ever happened in the present. Except losses.

  2. Anger. Early on, the recruiting classes and Wannstedt's resume were enough to get Pitt fans through the night. That all changed last year. As the losses mounted, the natives started getting restless. Continually missing bowl games, amazingly lackluster attendance, and getting spanked by WVU every year were starting to take their toll. Pitt fans were officially upset.

  3. Bargaining. Two words: Pat Bostick. Two more words: LaSean McCoy. Pitt fans invested their entire lives into these kids. "I promise I'll start going to games if Bostick/McCoy signs. We'll be awesome if that happens." Classic bargaining.

  4. Depression. I believe depression officially set-in this past weekend against UConn. There was false hope as the team opened up the season 2-0. But an anemic offensive performance against Michigan State and an embarrassment against UConn were enough to make mustachioed West-Penners slit their wrists.

  5. Acceptance. This brings us back to Pitt Blather. They have finally accepted their fate of Pitt football as it currently stands, or sits, or cowers in the fetal position. Many Pitt fans probably haven't reached this stage of defeat yet, but they will in due time. Because right now, they're just fooling themselves.
It's almost sad to see what Pitt football has become. Almost. While WVU is aiming at the highest reaches of college football, Pitt is begging for spare change from the UConns of the world. If you're a Pitt fan, it's enough to make you puke.

Then again, just being a Pitt fan is enough to make me puke.