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ECU Recap: "That Was Easy"

This W was almost as easy as that Loserville cheerleader after one margarita!

First off let me allow myself to introduce...myself. My name is 5th Year Senior and I’m here to beat bitches up and give my unique angle on Mountaineer sports. This angle includes lots of rage, anger, and of course, love.

I have temper problems, so there will most likely be some incomprehensible posts and blah blah blah nobody really cares about this bullshit. What is this, Sorority "circle time" where we all sit around in our all white bra and panties and divulge our deepest darkest secrets and cry? Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind watching this exercise and encouraging a sweet pillow fight but I do not cry.

Alright, enough with the damn fluff, let’s get to the game and start talking about this ball-hawking defense. This was the best I have seen a West Virginia defense play in YEARS. The speed and strength that this defense showed on Saturday reminded me of the Mountaineer defenses of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

My main complaint with the Mountaineer defenses of the previous years was no pressure on the QB. This defense will get up in your grill and bust one off in your face. One of my favorite moves on a Saturday know what I mean.

Dykes fought off double teams to get some penetration to stop the run and pressure the quarterback. The linebackers, especially Mortty Ivy, were flying all over the field and getting pressure on the QB. The secondary covered the deep pass well and were sure tacklers. This defense is good even though I’m still a little leery of the 3-3-5 defense against a good passing team like Loserville (great game against the Cuse this past weekend, by the way).

Not much you can say about the offense. We are Bad Ass Mother Fuckers (BAMF’s) and don’t take no shit from nobody. HUGE blocks by Jalloh, Hogan, Devine, and Lyons show me that these younger guys understand that they need to play hard and do their job on every play. We may not score less than 40 the rest of the season with this type of down-field blocking.

In case Devine reads this: keep your head up young man. You had a great game even though you were bottled up. Shit happens and you will have plenty more long runs this season.

Things that made me want to throw my shoe:

  1. We still need a little more penetration from a D-Lineman other than Dykes because the double-teams are about to start coming. (Great job but we could always use more)

  2. Our kick coverage needs to improve on deep kicks and the pop-ups or USF is going to take one back on us.

  3. During the teams entrance people need to rock with the bad and get more rowdy than just clapping their hands. I’ve seen more lively crowds at WVU Symphony performances.

  4. Students and Charley "I’m too good for the West Side" West need to come back after half-time and cheer for the damn Mountaineers. It is embarrassing to have all those empty seats on national TV. I know drinking is fun but just drink enough to kill a large moose before the game so there is no reason to leave at half-time. You just pass out for twenty minutes and awake to the sound of the musket for the second half.

  5. The first down cheer should go W-V-U FIRST DOWN….Not HUU-HUU-HUU FIRST DOWN

This was the type of overall performance that this team needed. We will not fall in the polls the rest of the season if we keep playing like we did on Saturday. I want to end with some of my favorites ladies. Hope you liked the post and pictures. Let me know the areas I need some improvement