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Picks To Click: ARGH Edition

I have no idea why talking like a pirate is so damn fun. Maybe it's because of the promise of promiscuous sex and liquored nights that being a pirate brings. Who knows. If you want promiscuous sex and liquored nights, just back to undergrad. At least at WVU.

Either way, I was completely out commission yesterday for National Talk Like a Pirate Day.... which would have been a disappointment if it were a better holiday, like Flag Day. Talk about drunk.

Anyways, here are this week's picks:


Well another Saturday is upon us. Looks to be a beautiful one too. Of course, it won't matter. I won't be going to the game. Anywhoo, a couple things that I've learned about the Pirates under Skip Holtz over the years are: 1. They're a tough pyshical team. 2. They aren't that good offensively.

So, you add that up and I expect a tough, physical game where ECU limits a lot of what WVU does, but can't hang the points to be a real threat.

In other words:

WVU (-24) 34
ECU 13

Baylor -3.5 vs. Buffalo (editor's note: if you bet on this game, you have a serious problem)
Indiana +2.5 vs. Illinois
FAU -6.5 @ North Texas (editor's note: much more serious than I first thought)
Texas Tech -6 @ Oklahoma State
Oklahoma -23 @ Tulsa
Charley West
For some reason, ECU plays us pound-for-pound tougher than most schools. They might not have the talent of Louisville or South Florida, but they sure bring it when it comes to the WVU game.

With this offense, it's tough to envision someone shutting us down for 60 minutes. Actually, I think it can't be done. Or if it can, we might not see that type of team until the National Championship game. But ECU will most likely hang around in that 14 point deficit kind of way.

I would never bet against the Mountaineers, but I will pick against them in this game.

WVU (-24) 35
ECU 13

South Florida -14.5
vs. North Carolina
Texas Tech -6 @ Oklahoma State
Clemson -7.5 @ NC State
Arkansas -6 vs. Kentucky (best bet)
UCLA -5.5 vs. Washington