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Pump it up. Pump it up!

As I mentioned in my game recap, there were a lot of things in the Maryland game that got me very excited. I won't dare talk about Noel Devine, because Charley Vest might not let me post anymore, which come to think about it, might not be a bad thing. (By the way, how long till Devine slaps CV with an internet restraining order. I give two weeks)

What I'm talking about it is the sack by the gentleman pictured above, Mortty Ivy. Rewind to the second half of the game. Ivy comes off the corner and is met by a Maryland blocker. Too many times in the past 14 games, that was the end of the pass rush. Not this time. Ivy overpowered the blocker and sacked Steffy, the MD quarterback. After the play, I jumped from the couch (remember I don't attend games) and let out a yelp.

It was about time.