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Picks To (Absolutely Not) Click

Guys, this was a bloodbath from the get go. This was my least successful weekend in my life, at least as far as picking football games goes. This is how my life is setting up right now:

Step #1: Carefully build profit over first weeks of the season.
Step #2: Give it all back in 10 hours.
Step #3: Cry.
Step #4: Get back on the horse.

Already started picking up the pieces today in the NFL, but it won't be until next week when I can get back on the horse with college football.

As you can see, Stiles also had a terrible week. He was last seen on the Westover Bridge, but I think he's just sightseeing. Its a great view of downtown from there.


Michigan State -11.5 vs. Pitt (L)
Georgia Tech -6.5 vs. Boston College (L)
Texas Tech -28.5 vs. Rice (W)
Louisville -5 @ Kentucky (L)
Nebraska +9.5 vs. USC (L)

Season Record = 10-8-0
Charley West
Washington +3.5 vs. Ohio State (L)
Nebraska +9.5 vs. USC (L)
Michigan State vs. Pitt UNDER 49 (W)
Auburn -12.5 vs. Mississippi State (L)
Penn State -34.5 vs. Buffalo (L)

Season Record = 10-8-0