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3 Down

Well, well, Ralphy, make that four years in a row that you have not been able to figure out the Mountaineers. This time, the Terps simply didn't have the talent or the depth to play with the Mountaineers.

Here is a delayed recap of my thoughts of the game:

First, I thought Thursday's victory was a GREAT team win. After sleep walking through the first and second series, the D really stepped up last night. I loved the pressure and man coverage. I have never had such a swing of emotion from thinking this is one of our worst D's ever to later in the same game saying well these guys are not so bad.

I see a lot of people are being hard on Pat White, who did have an off night for him yet was still pretty good. I would remind people that we wore him out against Marshall and I sure his body and mind were still not together five days last. He got really beat up last week.

As for the rising star of the game, Noel Devine. Obviously, Charley has tackled this in detail, but there is one point I would like to make. Last year, the team was limited because they didn't have enough top talent after Slaton and White. Now, with Devine, it looks like Rod can plug him in and the offense will not miss a beat. This will be huge. Last year, I don't think they put Maryland away in the third quarter liked they did this season. Why? Because of Devine. His talent alone was the difference. When you combine this with the defense, I'm officially giddy for the rest of this season.

Now comes the break with Maryland. Good thing. Because the Fridge would stand no chance next year. But right now, I'm going to enjoy this season. I hope you do too.