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Instruments Up

A few years ago, when Pac-Man was still returning punts, the Mountaineers had a slogan entitled "Instruments Up!" I'm pretty sure they even had t-shirts made. "Instruments Up!" told the band that they better be ready to get that fight song rolling, because we were a threat to take it to the house at any time.

For the past few years, at least under White and Slaton, this has been just as true. We were a home-run threat at all times. Or at least I thought we were. Apparently I had no idea just how dangerous we could be.

Enter Noel Devine.

Last night was a watershed moment. I would venture a guess that no Mountaineer fan know exactly where our program will go from here. Devine is a force like we have not seen before. Rodriguez, White, and Slaton have taken our program to the next level, but Devine has the ability to catapult us into the stratosphere. That rarefied air where programs like USC, Florida, and Ohio State operate.

Devine will affect recruiting. Devine will affect marketing. Devine will affect exposure. How much? No one knows. But it will happen.

If the YouTube highlight reel was step #1 in the making of the legend of Noel Devine, then last night was step #2.

I have no idea what step #3 is -- yet -- but I have a feeling I will enjoy it.