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We Must Protect This House... Said VerySarcastically

Since we're working on a short week, we are going to roll out our game preview first and then our picks for the college football week on Friday. If you're depending on us for gambling advice, Friday is your day. Also, you're an idiot for depending on us for gambling advice.


Alright, this game has worried me all summer. Even though Rod has seemed not only to figure out the Fridge, but to own him now. To me though, that's all out the window for this game. The atmosphere should be pretty hostile (at least compared to normal Maryland football standards) which might disrupt the offense some early.

The only thing that I have taken comfort in is the fact Maryland does not have much of an offense. If they did, I might pick them. But, the team they will trot out Thursday night does not have the firepower to keep up with the Mountaineers.

Maryland jumps out to an early lead, but WVU comes on strong in the second and third quarters. Then hold them off in the fourth.

WVU (-16.5) 42
Maryland 31

Charley West

OK, so it's Maryland week. To be honest with you, I hate the University of Maryland. College Park is a dump, their fans are some of the most arrogant I have ever seen, and Ralph Friedgen is a raging asshole. But I won't tell you how I really feel.

As far as the game goes, Maryland has quarterback troubles ever since Scotty McBrien. That trend looks like it's continuing this season. Maryland just can't seem to put points on the board. But you know who CAN put points on the board? Yep, us.

I will Maryland some credit, they do have good team speed. But that speed doesn't seem to translate to good football players. Heyward-Bey is extremely dangerous, but if no one can get him the ball, he's wasted.

Unfortunately, on Thursday night in College College Park y'all, we're going to get their best shot. I don't think it will be as dramatic as the first half of the Marshall game, but this one might be closer than we would enjoy through the middle of the second quarter. But again, as we're going to do a lot this season, we will pull away late.

We cover...barely.

WVU (-16.5) 38
Maryland 21