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Owen Schmitt Is My Hero

That isn't a joke. It isn't said sarcastically. It might be a slight exaggeration, but not by much.

Today, in the Washington Post, there is a profile of Owen Schmitt's life, both before and during his time here at West Virginia. This type of article has been written before, chronicling his battle through multiple surgeries, miring in obscurity at both Fairfax High School and Wisconsin River-Falls, and his rise to stardom with the Mountaineers. Each time it is written, I read it. And each time I read it, I am moved just as if it were my first time reading this incredible story.

Owen Schmitt is a better man than I. He has battled more adversity, accomplished higher goals, and done it with an amount of class that I couldn't have imagined. Said Schmitt: "I don't understand why I get that attention. I mean, we have actual stars on this team."

Actually, Owen, you're as big a star as any of them. You've been playing like it for three years, it's about time you start to take some credit. But that wouldn't be your style.

We're lucky to have you.