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Click Clack

Yes, I know that the title of this post is lame. But, I gotta work up my detest towards all things Maryland. So, that includes Under Armor.

Before we get into the Terps, lets take a quick stroll back to last week.

Well, it won't be a long one. I went camping this past week and could only listen to the game. So that means you will have to rely on Charley Vest's post for a wrap up. By the way, ladies, did you catch that Charley Vest wears polo shirts to football games? Yes, he's a bit of a dandy. In addition to Vest's summation, the one thing I'm getting troubled with is Pat White's potential overuse running the football. Whenever Rod gets a little concern, he goes to White on a sweep or a draw. While White's a great security blanket, he has got to be healthy for Big East games.

Now that I have that off my chest, let's move onto the Terps.

Since Ralph Friedgen came to Maryland and turned around the program, I really, really have not liked Maryland. And with Virginia Tech deciding they would rather play a scrub team than West Virginia, Maryland has top billing on the non conference slate. Well, that is until next year when they take a 'break' on the series.

So, West Virginia must do the only proper thing. Crush 'em.