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Undefeated Season: Week #2

Western Michigan is in the books, Marshall is up next. The undefeated season rolls along. We're going to keep this short and sweet as I am about to make my way to Huntington for tomorrow's blowout/game.


First, a confession. I *should* have known WVU was going to score more on Saturday. I forgot to take into account the two new rules changes this year. One, the clock not running after kickoffs. Two, kickoffs move back to the 30 yard line. Both of these helps WVU score more points. Bad job on my part.

Speaking of bad jobs, how bout the one Mark Synder is up against this weekend? Quite frankly, this will be another blowout victory for our beloved Mountaineers. There is no real need to waste words on a preview, because Marshall isn't in the same class as WVU.

WVU (-24) 66
Marshall 17

Nebraska -8 @ Wake Forest
Oklahoma -10.5 vs. Miami
Missouri -6 @ Ole Miss
LSU -12 vs. Virginia Tech
Georgia -5 vs. South Carolina

Season Record = 5-1-0

Charley West

Western Michigan had one of the top 10 rushing defenses in all the country last year. They were projected to do the same this year -- until, well, we rolled up 300+ yards on them. Marshall, on the other hand, sucks on defense.

When they lost Albert McClellan this fall, you knew it was bad news for this game. When facing Pat White and Steve Slaton, the last thing you want to do is lose your best DE. You can go ahead and kiss containment goodbye. Not that you wouldn't have kissed it goodbye anyway, but still.

Everyone talks about Marshall hanging close because of a geeked up home crowd, but I don't buy it. This is simply an outclassed football team. They would need to field about half of their crowd and play 11 on 19,011 to have a chance. I predict we jump out to the same 21-0 lead we did last year and never look back. We drop 70.

WVU (-24) 72
Marshall 10

Nebraska -8 @ Wake Forest
Oklahoma -10.5 vs. Miami
Missouri -6 @ Ole Miss
Penn State -17.5 vs. Notre Dame
TCU +9 @ Texas

Season Record = 4-2-0