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In No Way Does This Make You Look Slutty

Well, you knew it was only a matter of time until a story broke out of Huntington about a male strip club disguised as a Big Green fundraiser. It was inevitable.

But who knew it would be this good? The pictures, the's almost sensory overload.

Usually I would just point you in the direction of the article to read the quotes and see the pictures, but that just wouldn't be doing this gem of an article justice. Enjoy.

"We are Marshall's biggest fans, literally," Angelo said. "It's girls night out, we are having a great time. The girls make new friends and builds camaraderie for the big games."
The coaches pulled volunteers out of the crowd, making for an interactive experience that offered a hands-on look at the game.
"It's a lot of fun to get off the field for a little bit and give back to the ladies of the community," Lauzon said. "They get to meet the athletes and get close to us. It makes them pay attention to what we do a little more."
"This is my 18th one of these and this might be No. 1 of the 18," Gale said. "This is an opportunity to take football to an intermediate level where everyone can learn a little bit. I'm looking forward to seeing No. 19 next year."

[courtesy of Deadspin, tip via APH]