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Better Know A Victory: Marshall

Throughout the season, we will be inviting fans of opposing teams to sit down and talk with us in the week leading up the actual game. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any Western Michigan fans last week, so we just did what we do best: made fun of them without their consent. Needless to say, it was marginally funny.

This week is Marshall, however, so there's no shortage of fans eager to talk shit on, at, or around WVU. We trolled several Marshall message boards to find the best and the brightest poster to sit down with us and talk some football. We apparently lucked out in finding "MR05" from HerdNation, but who can really tell. He's a Marshall fan. Either way, a real person is better than we had last week with Western Michigan, so who am I to complain. Here we go...

Charley West

First off, MR05, thanks for joining us. I'll get right to it: does Marshall -- 5-7 last year, 28 point loser to Miami, and 24 point underdog -- have a chance against #3 ranked WVU?

Well, why wouldnt we? I mean that is why they line up and play the game isnt it. Our offense is improved, we actually have some speed to throw at you guys this year. The only thing I am concerned about is that your team gets ticked off after the loss and steals all of our computers, 32 inch TV's, road signs, and more importantly, our sheep.

Our defense has to step up and make tackles in the open field. We cant miss tackles behind the line of scrimmage. We need some help in the lines of you guys making some mistakes on the field.. Anything can happen. I left the Orange Bowl last week ticked off at the loss, ticked off at scoring 3 points, and ticked off and trying to tell myself that a four touchdown loss was not as bad as the score. I really think our team feels the same way.

The gap between these two teams is nowhere near as big as the Appy State/Michigan gap and you saw what happened there.

My plan is after four quarters of play this Saturday, is to run onto the field, tear down some goal posts, and party until late Wednesday evening.

I just may get all pumped up and "make it rain" like Pac Man does. By the way, he's not coming to the game is he? I hope not, dont want to run the risk of getting belted with a pool cue.


If I had written a list of talking points for Marshall fans before reading this response, it would have included, "Pac-Man Jones, Ellis Lankster/J.T. Thomas, and at least one redneck/inbred joke." Luckily, he packed all of those into one response, which is admirable.

Besides the fact that I can't for the life of me understand how Marshall makes fun of WVU for being hillbillies (talk about the pot calling the kettle a cracker), it's good to see a Marshall fan so upbeat for the game. I know I wouldn't want to walk into a stadium believing inevitable doom awaited inside.

If you want an example of this, remember the Orange Bowl...with Derek Jones at QB. For Marshall, Saturday is going to be worse than that.

20 times worse.