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Mountaineer Field South

The DA hasn't gotten a lot of love (or hate) on this site, but they ran an article today which allows me to bring up this point:

Mountaineer fans will own Joan C. Edwards Field.

To exactly what degree, I don't know. Most of the information anyone has is merely anecdotal, but when Rich Rodriguez is the one with the anecdotes, it's a little more believable. As DA Sports Editor Tony Dobies reports today:

"I have heard that a lot of WVU fans bought Marshall season tickets just for the WVU/ Marshall game and are selling the rest online," [Jeremy Hatcher, co-director of the Maniacs said].

Head coach Rich Rodriguez has heard the same.

"I know that every ticket that we could buy that they would give us that we’ve gotten and I’ve heard that a lot of West Virginia fans have bought season tickets to Marshall games just to come to this game, so we are certainly hopeful," he said. "We are certainly still going to get outnumbered out there, but a handful of West Virginia fans that can get a ticket for this game will be down cheering loud and proud."
The DA goes on to say:
The game kicks off at 11 a.m., where West Virginia fans, estimated at 14,000, will fill up the stands and cheer on their favorite team in blue and gold.
14,000 is a lot of WVU fans, considering Marshall averaged just over 26,000 on it's own last year. Personally, I'm betting on more. It might not be as dramatic as the wonderful DA Photoshop effort shown above, but considering a likely Mountaineer blowout, there will be plenty of noise from the Gold and Blue faithful.