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We Play For Championships!

Unfortunately, at Marshall, those "championships" include winning the prestigious 2006 Fulmer Cup.

If you don't know, the Fulmer Cup is presented by Every Day Should Be Saturday, or EDSBS, a college football blog of orgasmic proportions. Starting with each season and continuing all the way through the following offseason, EDSBS tracks the amount of football player arrests and assigns a point value to each: 1 point for a misdemeanor, 2 points for a smaller felony (larceny, etc.) and 3 points for the big felonies (aggravated assault, etc.). Occasionally, bonus points are awarded to those who commit acts so stupid or ridiculous that a bonus point is almost mandatory. As you might be able to guess, EDSBS has a strong Florida Gator lean, hence the use of Phil Fulmer as the namesake for such a prestigious trophy.

Well, now that you know the back-story, we can get to my point...

This week, leading up to Saturday, there will be a lot of shit-talking coming out of Huntington. A lot of that "shit" will focus around Pac-Man Jones and Chris Henry, Quinton Andrews, J.T. Thomas and Ellis Lankster. These Herd fans aren't that original, so you know it's coming.

When it does, pull out this little cheat sheet (because you have obviously printed it out and put it in your pocket for quick reference) and point to Marshall sitting proudly atop the 2006 Fulmer Cup standings. When it came to getting arrested and general thuggery, in the year 2006, Marshall bested them all. And in the end, they did indeed, play for championships.