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62 Points Is Acceptable

...and next week, 80 is a possibility. But first, let's recap Western Michigan's beatdown.

1) We absolutely could have scored 80 points. And this wouldn't be anything like the 80 we hung on Rutgers in 2001. This was a good Western Michigan team and we embarrassed their defense. Even playing a cover-0 and stacking 9+ in the box, we racked up our usual 300+ rushing yards. If not for numerous dropped interceptions and stubborn play-calling in the first half (more on this next), this one would have been even more of a laugher.

2) The first half play-calling left a lot to be desired. CRR even said as much in the post-game presser. If teams --I don't care how good or bad they are -- are going to stack 9+ in the box, we have to throw. Pat White has the ability and accuracy to pick apart these cover-o type schemes. Sure, we threw a little bit more, but 18 total pass attempts is just not enough to keep defenses honest. This should gradually change throughout the season as we become more balanced.

3) The offensive line is not an overnight success. Sure, they played decently in the second half, but Slaton's first-half numbers (21 yards rushing) show that there is a lot of work to be done. I feel confident it will get there eventually, but it better improve before we take a step up in athleticism with Maryland two weeks away. Let's hope there is a lot of progress made during this Saturday's bye week.

4) Noel Devine is the real-deal. Witness.

5) Right now, there is a not a player in this world (past or present) that I trust more than Pat White. If we have to get it done, I have complete faith in #5. No matter what circumstances, he keeps my football Saturdays worry free. Here is one reason why:

Well, that pretty much wraps up Western Michigan. They were a scrappy team that was simply over-matched. Let's hope they go on and win the MAC to improve our SOS.

Last week's picks:


WVU (-24) 48
Western Michigan 17
ACTUAL: 62-24 (difference = 21 points)

Oregon State -6.5 vs. Utah (Thursday) = W
Missouri -5 vs. Illinois (in St. Louis) = W
Georgia Tech +3 @ Notre Dame = W
Virginia Tech -27.5 vs. ECU = L
BC -6.5 vs. Wake Forest = W

Season record = 5-1
Charley West:
WVU (-24) 42
Western Michigan 13
ACTUAL: 62-24 (difference = 31 points)

Syracuse +3 vs. Washington (Friday) = L
UAB +21 @ Michigan State = L
Georgia Tech +3 @ Notre Dame = W
Missouri -5 vs. Illinois (in St. Louis) = W
Colorado -2.5 vs. Colorado State (in Denver) = W

Season record = 4-2