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UPDATE: Charges Against Thomas/Lankster To Be Dropped?

We at WBGV are starting to hear more and more chatter (from reputable sources) that charges against J.T. Thomas and Ellis Lankster will be dropped at their hearing on September 10th. The word out of Morgantown is that this was a prank gone horribly wrong -- with Lankster not even knowing it had taken place -- and there was never any intent to actually steal the laptop.

We will have to wait 2 weeks to see this situation play out, but as said above, these are reputable sources who believe charges will be dropped against both J.T. Thomas and Ellis Lankster.

UPDATE: More good news. A source inside the West Virginia University Board of Governors has echoed what we had reported earlier. Whether or not this is termed a "prank" or not, I do not know. What I do know is that a lot of high ranking boosters are all hearing the same thing: that charges will eventually be dropped (edit: or suspended) against J.T. Thomas and Ellis Lankster.

Stay tuned.