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Did You Know: Western Michigan

We all know the Mountaineers like the back of our hands (hey, that mole wasn't there yesterday!). But how much do you really know about our opponents?

Sure, you know we're playing the Western Michigan Broncos, but did you know that Western Michigan is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan? Did you also know Kalamazoo is a stupid name for a town? See, you're already more enlightened. In that vein, we thought we'd let you get to know the Western Michigan program just a little more intimately. Just promise to cuddle afterwards.

Here we go...

1) Starting QB Tim Hiller's last name looks and sounds very similar to "Hitler." People often wonder if his name was once "Hitler" and he changed it. Well, in fact, Hiller did have to change his name after high school because his former last name was so offensive. His former name? Wannstedt.

2) Dwight B. Waldo was the first president of the school. President Waldo was known for his colorful red and white striped shirt, scarf, and hat, his round glasses, and his uncanny ability to hide in plain sight. Years later, he and his name would be immortalized for all to see: Waldo Stadium, home of the Broncos.

3) Cory Flom has a funny name.

4) This is the mascot for the West Michigan Blues Society. He has nothing to do with Western Michigan, but it's a funny picture and it's my site.

5) The Western Michigan fight song was apparently written by either a junior high school cheerleader or a 75 year old woman who had never watched a football game before in her life.

Fight on, fight on for Western!
Take the ball, make the score
Win the game--ah!
Onward for the brown and gold
Push 'em back, push 'em back!
Bring us fame!
Fight on, fight on for Western!
Over one, over all, We will reign!
Fight, Broncos fight!
Fight with all your might!
Western win this game!

Make the score? Win the game? Push 'em back? Nice work granny.

6) As per Wikipedia, "The Moped Army, an avid group of moped riders, was formed in 1997 by three friends attending the university." Also, WMU has a thriving gay population, consisting of these three students.

7) Kalamazoo is a Potawatami Indian word meaning "will not cover the spread against West Virginia University." The Potawatami were a strangely prophetic people.

8) Western Michigan boasts an endless list of famous alumni, including Tim Allen, uh, and, hmm, well, did I mention Tim Allen, convicted felon?

9) Western Michigan is generally regarded as being the strongest of the directional Michigan schools, which is probably the equivalent of winning a gold medal at the Special Olympics.

10) This is the best and the brightest at Western Michigan: