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Site Unseen, Football Entrance Best In Nation

The Daily Mail has broken the story on the new football team entrance just today. Unfortunately for us, they also broke the website, as the story is coming up blank.

When it becomes not blank, I'll be back with an update.

UPDATE: Well, that didn't take long. Here is the excerpt from the Daily Mail:

Instead, the band and the team will participate in a three-phase, increasingly rocking entrance.

It's still a work in progress leading up to this Saturday's season opener against Western Michigan. And Rutledge said he doesn't want to ruin some of the surprise. But he provided a rough sketch of what the entrance will be like now.

The band will still form a tunnel to play the first song, which is relatively slow. Rutledge declined to name the song. A voiceover by Coach Rodriguez comes over the loudspeaker system.

The second song, which Rutledge also declined to name, is somewhat speedier. The band will start to rock back and forth. WVU leaders hope the crowd will be inspired to do the same. There's also a video montage of memorable plays from prior seasons.

During the third song, the tempo goes way up. The song is by speed metal band Metallica, said Rutledge, who wouldn't specify the name of the song. Speculation on the Mountaineer Message Board is that the song is "For Whom the Bells Toll."

As the team bursts onto the field, the band will either jump or raise their instruments over their heads during the third song, Rutledge said.

If you ask me, this is a major improvement. 2001 A Space Odyssey was a slower song that just didn't build any excitement. Add in Let's Get It Started and the entrance just got worse and worse.

Other than a live sacrifice of a Pitt fan at midfield, this new entrance seems like a vast improvement.