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Pat White Is Fast, Awesome

The positive press continues. Hit me with your best shot Stewart Mandel:

Game Changer No. 1: The Dual-Threat Quarterback

The Prototype: West Virginia's Pat White. From the moment the then redshirt freshman came off the bench in the Mountaineers' Oct. 15, 2005, game against Louisville and promptly led a 17-point, fourth-quarter comeback and triple-overtime victory, it was obvious he possessed that rare ability to change the course of a game in one play. While it certainly doesn't hurt to have the ultra-fast Steve Slaton lining up next to him in the shotgun, White himself is as speedy (4.43) and nimble as any slashing tailback. In fact, he gained more rushing yards than all but 15 running backs nationally last season (1,219 yards, 18 touchdowns).

"He can go for a home run at any time," said Rutgers coach Greg Schiano. "He's fast, and he can stop on a dime. He can be going full speed horizontally, stick a foot in the ground and go full speed vertical. Give him just a little bit of daylight, and he's off."

Like the aforementioned Young, White began his career as a raw and little-used passer known solely for his feet. Also like Young, he began to show off his arm toward the end of his sophomore season, completing 63 percent of his throws for 833 yards, nine touchdowns, and two interceptions over his last four outings. And again like Young, the 6-foot-2, 185-pound White will likely morph into the total package in his junior season, as Mountaineers coach Rich Rodriguez looks to add a big-play passing component to his squad's already potent running offense. "He's got a strong arm," Rodriguez said. "What we're trying to do is quicken up his release a little bit, shorten it. He's worked at that. He got better at it last year and he's getting even better."

I find it scary when anybody says that Pat White has gotten better in the off-season. You know who else finds it particularly scary? Bill Cubit, Mark Snyder, The Waffle House, Skip Holtz, Jim Leavitt, Greg Robinson, Sly Croom, Greg Schiano, Steve Kragthorpe, Brian Kelly, Randy Edsall, and the Mustachioed Marauder of Mediocre.

I love alliteration.