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Wannstedt Agrees

Friday night was a good night. Dave Wannstedt, or D-Wan as I like to call him, invited me over to his pad to watch the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant. Yeah, I thought it was a bit pervy too, but hey, if they're putting it on TV, they have to expect us to watch it.

So, anyways, D-Wan and I are watching this spank bank show and Miss South Carolina is up to give her answer in the final portion of the pageant. She looks good, she's got a great accent, and everything is set for her to take the blue ribbon (or whatever the fuck they win). Unfortunately, her answer made me forget how to read.

But Dave respected her and thought she made some really good points. Almost immediately, he tried to log onto the Internet using his Colecovision and tried to buy 30 shares of Rand McNally. He said to keep this a secret, but he also said he was going to use excerpts of this answer in his pre-game speech. I, of course, told him that this was a master-stroke of genius and encouraged in wholeheartedly.

Later that night, he made s'mores and we egged Greg Robinson's house. All in all, a great night.