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2 Deep

Earlier this morning, my friend sent me this email regarding the 2 Deep to start the season. I thought it was so good, I'd post it.


1. I am surprised not to see Arnett in the 2 deep at any WR slot. Word was he was really pushing for starting time. As his team photo shows him with dread locks, lets hope he is not the guy with a 32 inch TV in his living room.
2. A little bit surprising that Sanders is ahead of Devine although the coaches have been talking him up this month.
3. Good to see Selvish Capers has made a move at LT. Trickett always said that he was a pro level prospect at LT if he would give up on the TE position.


1. Hate to see Dykes name at NG, but I think that gets our best 3 on the field. Hopefully we get some help at that position early in the season. Losing Leibig really hurt us here IMO.
2. Surprised Broxie is ahead of Ingram at DE.
3. Losing Thomas really hurt us at WLB. I like Ivy, but he did not seem the same after the ACL tear. Maybe another year removed from the injury will make the difference. Surprised Sims is not in the 2 deep at LB.
4. Interesting that Richardson has pulled ahead of others at CB. Even though he has never played a down for us, looks like Lankster would have helped here. Need to get Lewis back fast. I think Dervil could also turn out to be pretty good there.
5. Andrews must have gone from the dog house to the out house. Not mentioned at any safety position. Lets hope Mundy and Wicks can hold this secondary together.

One other interesting note. Don't see Devine named as either returner. Thought for sure he would be back on kickoffs at least. Interesting Lewis is named as the second PR but not in the CB rotation. May not be anything to that but interesting.

Two Deep:

WR (Y) - 2 Reynaud, 22 Hogan
WR (H) - 12 Sowers, 9 Sanders
LT - 62 Stanchek, 66 Capers
LG - 79 Isdaner, 64 Barclay OR 74 Hayes
C - 68 Dent, 56 Gradkowski OR 61 Jobe
RG - 70 Rodemoyer, 72 Bradshaw
RT - 73 Figner, 72 Bradshaw
TE - 35 Schmitt, 88 Villagrana
WR - 21 Jalloh, 27 Davis
WR (Z) - 83 Gonzales, 85 Johnson
QB - 5 White, 16 Brown
SB - 10 Slaton, 9 Sanders, 7 Devine
FB - 35 Schmitt, 86 Morrone

DT - 93 Berry, 91 Slavonic
NT - 96 Dykes, 99 Merrow OR 90 Neild
DE - 92 Dingle, 97 Broxie OR 95 Ingram
SLB - 53 Magro, 1 Holmes OR 31 Lazear
MLB - 47 Williams, 55 Hathaway
WLB - 44 Ivy, 57 Cooper
CB - 3 Williams, 19 Rivers
CB - 17 Richardson, 9 Dervil OR 13 Wood
SS - 22 Malik, 15 Pugh OR 36 Glover
FS - 21 Mundy, 20 Allen
BS - 41 Wicks, 20 Allen

Special Teams:
K - 40 McAfee, 39 Glenn
P - 40 McAfee, 37 Kozlowski
KO - 40 McAfee
LS - 46 Hughes, 87 Nutter
H - 48 Jeremy Kash
KR - 2 Reynaud, 19 Rivers
PR - 19 Rivers, 6 Lewis