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I Would Have Bought You Guys A Laptop...Or At Least AnAtari

OK, when this news broke a few days ago, I wanted it to go away. I even did what I always do when the bad things happen: I got in bed and didn't get out. Sure I got fired from RadioShack and my online girlfriend left me, but at least I didn't have to deal with anything really troubling.

(Actually, I got up to look at porn and drink a Capri Sun. But then it was right back to bed.)

Of course I am talking about the arrest/suspension/general douchebaggery of J.T. Thomas and Ellis Lankster. Both were expected to be starters. Now both are looking at jail time. Fantastic. Is it too late to get Perlo Bastien another year of eligibility?

I realize that last statement isn't funny, but it's hard to be funny when all you have in your life is a blog, your parent's basement, porn and Capri Sun.

Actually, that's a lie. This is the fucking life. Minus the arrested/suspended players, of course.