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Why Not Use Bernie Morris?

I always enjoy talking about the punting woes of bad college football teams. Marshall is no exception. Hit me with it one time Chuck Landon:

HUNTINGTON -- There is a green elephant in the room that nobody is talking about.

It is Marshall's punting ... or, lack thereof.

This crucial phase of MU's football team has been an issue since punter Marty Biagi tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee while making a tackle during a special teams scrimmage in spring drills.

Punting has been a concern ever since.

Obviously, punting is a concern for Marshall, mostly because they do it A LOT. But instead of trying to find some no-name schmo to take over the punting duties, why not go with your senior quarterback and captain, Bernie Morris?

I know what you're thinking -- Bernie Morris can't kick. Well, probably not. But he won't have to if I have my way. Here's my line of thinking:

1) Bernie Morris is a bad quarterback.
2) Last year alone, he threw 12 INTs compared to only 8 TDs.
3) He can throw the ball really far.

OK, so we have no talent, a penchant for INTs, and great arm strength. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Why not just have Morris heave the ball downfield every play and pray for an INT? That will help swing the momentum that is field position. Sure, the offense won't score any points, but there was a pretty good chance that was going to happen anyway.

Genius, if you ask me.