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Some tidbits

It has been a couple days since my last post. I’ve been on the road for work, so my access to the Internet has been limited. Ok, I made that up. I have been on the road, but, by and large, I’m just lazy. Especially on a Sunday.

To rekindle my on and off again relationship with this blog, here are a couple links I found interesting.

John Antonik has a nice feature on Michigan transfer Ryan Mundy. Mundy came to WVU by taking advantage of an NCAA rule permitting graduating seniors with eligibility remaining the opportunity of transferring to another school to complete their career. There are some interesting comments by Mundy about West Virginia’s overall skill level.

Also, I came across this via The SportsBiz Blog. This link shows the top-selling college institutions and manufacturers for the fourth quarter of the 2006-2007 fiscal year. These rankings represent royalties reported July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007 on all collegiate merchandise sold. Now, maybe I could not find WVU (heavens knows, I once struggled when I was young to find something my mom told me was in a cabinet), but I don’t think our beloved home team is in the Top 75. Does anybody know why the Mountaineers are not ranked, but such powerhouses as Texas State University - San Marcos and the University of Delaware are? Please tell me, I would love to know.