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Just Kick It Out Of Bounds

This year, the NCAA decided to jump on the WVU bandwagon and made it easier for the Mountaineers to score every time we touched the ball. Sure, we didn't need the help, but we appreciate the thought. The thank you card is in the mail.

The rule change I am talking about is kickoffs now occurring from the 30 yard line instead of the 35. Just a 5 yard move, right? No big deal. But think about this for a second. We have one of the strongest legged kickers and one of the best return units in the country. If you don't believe me, read a little more from Mitch Vingle and Bill Stewart:

WVU’s identity revolves around speed. The Mountaineers are drunk with the stuff. White. Steve Slaton. Darius Reynaud. Noel Devine. Brandon Hogan. Vaughn Rivers. Antonio Lewis. Jock Sanders. Ellis Lankster.

WVU was No. 12 nationally in kickoff returns last season. Think they won’t be better with another 5 yards and all that speed?

"We’re going to change some of our kickoff return schemes,’’ Stewart said. "We don’t think people around the country can kick off as deep.’’

Giving WVU’s speed a chance to burn.


"But we’ve got some explosive, talented freshmen. Noel Devine. Brandon Hogan. Jock Sanders. Ellis Lankster. These guys have really impressed us thus far. They haven’t played with the lights on yet, but they’ve been impressive.’’

As should WVU’s special teams this season.

Ah, now you're starting to see just how awesome this is going to be. Not only do we have Darius Reynaud, who is a threat to take it deep every time he touches the ball, but now we have added a few guys who seem built for kickoff returns. I am talking about Noel Devine, my man-crush Brandon Hogan, and Jock Sanders.

This is scary stuff. Think topless pictures of Rosie O'Donnell scary.

OK, I'm sorry for that. Friends don't give other friends those mental pictures. But at least you know just how scary I was talking about. Really, really scary.

I will try to make up for it with some cheerleaders later today.