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USA Today's 2007 Preview

Just so you know, my comments are in parentheses.


BCS games

Rose Bowl: UCLA (sucks) vs. Wisconsin (blows)
Sugar Bowl: LSU (awful) vs. Texas (gay)
Fiesta Bowl: Nebraska (really gay) vs. Michigan (tools)
Orange Bowl: Georgia (white trash) vs. Virginia Tech (your mom goes to college)

BCS Championship
: Southern California (has herpes) vs. West Virginia (fucking awesome)

Conference championships

ACC: Florida State (loves unicorns) vs. Virginia Tech (fellator)
Big East: West Virginia (like I said, really fucking awesome)
Big Ten: Wisconsin (communists)
Big 12: Nebraska (macramed themselves a pair of jean shorts) vs. Texas (steers and queers)
Conference USA: Southern Miss (who the fuck cares) vs. Tulsa (dirty pirate hookers)
MAC: Ohio (I am getting tired of this entire exercise) vs. Central Michigan (almost Canadian)
Mountain West: TCU (fat)
Pac-10: Southern California (loves Barbara Streisand)
SEC: Georgia (culturally bankrupt) vs. LSU (geaux fuck yourself)
Sun Belt: Troy (is this just a guy named Troy?)
WAC: Hawaii (used to be named the Rainbows, enough said)