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R.I.P. 2007 Pitt Football Season

Just a few days ago, we delivered a touching eulogy to Marshall's 2007 football season. Today, we have the pleasure of doing the same for Pitt's upcoming season. The reason? All Big-EAST receiver and general nancy Derek Kinder has torn his ACL. Hit me with it Paul Zeise:

Pitt standout senior wide receiver Derek Kinder is out for the season because of a torn ACL in his right knee.

Mr. Kinder, who led the Panthers in receptions (57) and receiving yards (847) last season, injured his knee during Saturday evening's practice when he was making a cut after catching the ball. He is expected to have surgery within the next week and then begin rehabilitation, which is a process that generally takes at six months. That means he will redshirt this season and return next season for his final year of eligibility.

Don't get me wrong, Pitt's season was screwed long before this injury. This is just the last metaphorical nail in the metaphorical coffin. At least, I think, I'm not very good with metaphoricals.

Pitt now is left with no quarterback (it's NOT Palko time!), no running back (unless you count the freshman McCoy, which I'm not) and now no wide receiver. This is going to end very, very badly.

[thanks to J.Pizzy for the tip]