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My Brandon Hogan Man-Crush Is Probably Unhealthy

Another day, another glowing article about Brandon Hogan. Take it away, Dave Hickman:

Those aren’t the only two freshmen in the mix on offense. Brandon Hogan, a 6-foot, 175-pounder who played quarterback at Osbourn High in Manassas, Va., is heavily in the mix at slot receiver, as is 6-2, 200-pound Will Johnson, from Dayton, Ohio, at wide receiver.

Both seem virtually certain to play.

"[Hogan is] learning some of the concepts as quickly as any freshman we’ve had at the slot,’’ Rodriguez said. "He can play [both] slot positions already, I believe. He’ll make some mistakes. We could probably throw him in at quarterback. He knows some of the reads because he played in a very similar system in high school and he’s just a kid that understands football. I’ve been very impressed with him so far.’’

Rich Rodirguez graduated from the Lou Holtz-Don Nehlen Memorial Academy for Coach-Speak, where he was valedictorian. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if he mentioned forfeiting to Western Michigan because they would beat us too badly.

So when he says he is "very impressed" with someone -- and a true freshman at that -- it gets me very moist. Right now, I am spending most of my time reading articles about Brandon Hogan and needle-pointing my dog a #22 Mountaineer jersey.

Note: I don't have a dog.