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In Hindsight, Michael Vick Probably Shouldn't Have Fought Dogs

Finally, some fantastic news in the story of Michael Vick of Virginia Tech: he's going to be suspended. At least that's what Jason Cole at Yahoo! Sports is telling us:

Two NFL sources said that commissioner Roger Goodell likely will announce this week or next the suspension of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick [of Virginia Tech] for the 2007 season.

"That's the direction it's going and has been from the time this started," one of the sources said this week.

In July, Goodell told Vick [of Virginia Tech] not to report to training camp in the aftermath of a federal indictment for his alleged involvement in dogfighting on a property he [of Virginia Tech] owned in Virginia. Vick [of Virginia Tech] has since been arraigned on the matter and is facing trial in November.

I wonder where Michael Vick [of Virginia Tech] went to school?

There are a lot of reasons I don't like Michael Vick [of Virginia Tech]. From "the run" in 1999 to just being the brother of Marcus to Ron Mexico to dogfighting, Michael [of Virginia Tech] and I have never been BFF. It's not like I wanted the guy to go and completely fuck up his entire life, but he's been on this path for awhile now. Now that he [of Virginia Tech] has gone and done it, I want the NFL to come down hard. Looks like Goodell is going to do it, too.

Good for Michael [of Virginia Tech]. He deserves everything that is coming to him.