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Joe Glenn is My Second Favorite Coach

Back when Donovan McNabb was the quarterback for the Syracuse Orangeman, it was game I circled every year on the calendar. However, since McNabb left campus, it has been a slow and steady fall into oblivion. Today, might be the low point.

According to reports, Syracuse backed out its trip to Wyoming that would have completed a home and home between the Orange and Cowboys. Apparently, Syracuse shipped a check for $200,000 check and said, 'no thanks'. All this did not set well with Wyoming coach Joe Glenn. In fact he had some choice words:

"It's just horrible, and it shows no class (by Syracuse)," Glenn told the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle of Cheyenne. "We signed the contract, and we went out there last year to play them. It doesn't show much character on their part."

From there, he took it up a notch:

"I've got a new favorite team this season," Glenn quipped. "Anybody who beats Syracuse."

"They leave a hole in our 2009 schedule, so if you want to wish bad luck on somebody this year, wish bad luck on Syracuse," Glenn said. "They signed a contract to come to Laramie and play, and they didn't honor it so I'm putting all kinds of voodoo on them."

All in all, this Glenn guy is alright in my book.