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Just Being Mentioned In The Same Article As Brady Quinn Is Enough

Sure this "article" is from last year, but I think it's worth mentioning. Of course this is just one "boi's" opinion, but if he says Brian Brohm is dreamy, who is going to argue with him? Not me.

Brian Brohm, Quarterback, Louisville University

The Cardinals’ 6′4″ blonde quarterback is on the Maxwell Award Watch list…or is it Walter Camp…we look into his dreamy eyes and forget. Thank whomever you worship to for giving us at least one reason to watch Big East football! Brohm will have to step up to the plate against Miami and West Virginia this season.

Brady Quinn, Quarterback, University of Notre Dame

Named one of "Out Magazine’s 10 Athletes We Wished Played for Our Team", Quinn tops just about every Heisman Trophy Watch list. And that’s not the only thing we wished he topped. That alone gets Brady on our list of players to watch this season! Plus being #10 doesn’t hurt either…it’s such a popular number these days.

Ohhhh, sexual innuendo. So sassy.

[courtesy of Boi from Troy]