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The Next Chad Johnston...err, Vince Young?

Terrelle Pryor is on everyone's radar...and why shouldn't he be? At 6-6 and 210 lbs., Pryor is one of the sickest athletes in this upcoming class. He is the #1 rated QB in all-the-land (according to And because Pryor is a real go-getter and wasn't happy with just being good at one sport, he decided to become the #8 ranked shooting guard in America. Color me impressed.

The bad news? He's from western Pennsylvania -- Jeannette to be exact. This puts him squarely within the borders of Dave Wannstedt's "iron curtain."

(Pause for laughter.)

Luckily for WVU, Pryor is a free-market capitalist who doesn't believe in outdated bastions of communism, such as the iron curtain. Because of this, Pryor long ago eliminated Pitt from the running for his dual-sport services. Where is WVU, you may ask? In the top 7. It's not going to be an easy road, but does anyone want to bet AGAINST the best tag-team (CRR and CBH) since The Bushwackers? I wouldn't.

PS: The video ends at 1:44 but the music keeps going. The best I can tell you is sit back, relax, and enjoy the melodic musical stylings of Fort Minor. Holla.