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Bawinkel to Transfer...And There Was Much Rejoicing

I really wanted to like Devan Bawinkel. I REALLY did. Before they arrive on campus, I like every recruit. Some more than others, but since they are Mountaineers, they are a friend of mine. It is only after I see someone play that I might start to dislike them (see: Josh Yeager in basketball, Perlo Bastien in football).

I am sure Devan Bawinkel is a very nice young man. He sure seems like it in the interview quoted in today's Daily Mail article detailing his transfer from WVU.

But Devan was terribly undersized at this level. The picture to your right is not what gets it done at the Big East level. It didn't when Beilein was here and it certainly won't under Huggins. Players like Jason Maxiell could sneeze 30 yards away and Bawinkel would break 3 ribs.

Basically, we needed the scholarship. Devan needed playing time elsewhere. This is best for both parties. This also saves me the displeasure of disliking him more as he sat on the bench wasting a scholarship for the next 3 years.