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West BY GOD Virginia: The Jumpoff

Why start West BY GOD Virginia -- or as the kids call it, WBGV?

Well, there are two main reasons:

1) Why not start a WVU blog? Just as you do, I love West Virginia University, and more specifically, I love the Mountaineers. I wanted a place of my own to be able to say whatever I wanted about the Mountaineers. And from my searching -- I have a Ph.D. in Google -- there seems to be a real void when it comes to WVU blogs. Hopefully WBGV will help fill some of that void.

2) Hate. Why give programs like Pitt (especially, Pitt), Marshall, and Louisville a free pass. When they screw up, the world should know. And it is WBGV's pledge to make that happen. But don't worry, I am an equal-opportunity hater. If it's not WVU, chances are, I hate your school. So that will pretty much be the theme. Plus some funny YouTube videos. Everyone loves YouTube.

Now, I do have a full-time job which is actually somewhat demanding, so don't expect 10+ posts a day. But if Brian Brohm gets kicked off the team or Jeremy Ito goes on a multi-state crime spree, you can expect to see a new post. The goal is to update at least daily.

So there you go; the reason behind WBGV. Let the fun begin...