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T-Minus 4 Weeks and Counting

Western Michigan's demise is only a short 4 weeks away. Marshall's demise is only 5 weeks away. My perma-erection for the 2007 season is only 2 weeks away. This is a good thing.

I was all set to celebrate 4 weeks until football season with a picture of Western Michigan's cheerleaders. Then, I thought to myself, "do I actually want to see Western Michigan's cheerleaders?" Surely they can't hold a candle to the hotties from Eastern Michigan (disclosure: cheerleaders from Eastern Michigan may or may not be hot...probably not). So, instead, enjoy the Song Girls from USC. Chances are we will get to seem them up close and personal in New Orleans in January.

There are some ugly women and douchebags interviewed in this video, so do yourself a favor and hit mute. And by douchebag, I mean Pete Carroll.